Wednesday, August 11, 2010

08/01/2010 Day 1 still....

Im guessing its about 4 am. We just got our hammocks and everyone is beginning to lay down for the night. When we pulled up from the bus ride, we unloaded the bags and boarded the three story boat. Everyone took a quick tour of it and by the time I got on the boat, the hammock space was too full on the second and first deck so a few of us took top level. Top level is where most of the action goes down. The kitchen, tables and chairs are up there so we will be getting up early every morning due to the awesome ladies cooking breakfast! Its kinda hot right now. I have an oily musk going that is not very comfortable right before you go to bed but im so tired that I dont care. Im not sure on the rules about guys taking their shirts off to sleep but its happening. Normally guys and girls would be on seperate levels but we have too many people here so thats hard to control. We are definately close. Courtnee is to my right and Richard is on my left. I just hope that brown demon spider above me, staring at me, doesnt fall into my mouth as a sleep. We are starting to rock in the hammocks. Its kinda pleasant. Although I sleep normally on my stomach, the hammock forces you to sleep on your back. Hopefully I can adjust....The last light just went out so I think im the last one going. It still hasnt hit yet where I am at and what I am doing. One year earlier I would have said that I would never picture myself here. God has really changed my heart. I cant take credit for anything that has happened, truly. Just to understand that its his grace and mercy that I am still alive today, makes me happy. Let alone salvation. Its cool to see Jesska here also. I didnt have a clue who anyone was the first meeting we had and I heard her voice from around the corner. I havent seen her in awhile. Well before I was saved. She knows my past. Its cool to show her how god can heal and bring restoration though my life. I guess my purpose in coming here is to really see the glory of god. I want to know what that looks like outside of everyday bleesings that we see and take for granted in the States. Why am I still up???

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