Wednesday, August 11, 2010

7/31/2010 Day 1

Ok... So I didnt get a chance to write in this journal till the bus ride to the dock and boat. Customs was a heck of alot easier than I thought it would be and honestly aside from eight hours in a plane, its been great so far. We each (33 people) brought two suitcases that we checked in. Each suitcase was full of supplies for the villages. What was ours was what we carried on the plane, which wasnt much. Each suitcase also weighed 50 pounds. Our plane from Dallas to Atlanta was too heavy and they took off twelve of our bags. One of which had my deodorant, soap and toothbrush in it. We didnt find out whos bag didnt make it till we got to Manaus. No sleep on the plane. I ended up talking to everyone around me and had a good chance to get to know the ones who sat close. I wore my straw Indiana Jones hat on the plane cause Im awesome and cause Rachel and Cody bought it for me. People were jealous. Im really going to make an effort in writing in this journal the whole trip to make Cathy and My Aunt happy and to see whats its like to remember things. After getting a chance to hear some of the stories around me, it makes me see that God is working. We have such a variety of people here and such a big group. Its awesome to see everything come together the way it has. 27 are first timers including me... wow. Ill have to say the reasons why I wanted to come are that I have no other "obligations." Not married, I dont have any children and my job isnt preventing me. Ive always wanted to do a mission trip also. Ever since I was saved in Oct 09'. Also, Matt plugged it in a sermon and that kinda sealed the deal. Ive met some interesting people in the past year who have devoted their lives to long term missions and it sparked an interest even though this is a short term. This bus is bumpy. Manaus looks dirty. Its hard to see outside but it doesnt look like Denton Texas. We are at the boat. Oh dear....

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