Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amazon Mission Trip 2010

Ok Folks! To all the ones (Cathy Crawford and Aunt Marion) who said I wouldnt journal..... here it is. I havent written so much in my life till this trip. My hand stayed in constant pain from writing, hope you are happy... Ha. Well what can I say? Three weeks heading into to this trip, id have to say I was struggling to even muster up the prayers or quiet time or really anything. A week into it, ill admit that I was so tired of stress that I really didnt want to go. Jess mentioned sprirtual warfare and Id have to say that I felt it. Satan knew what kind of trip this was gonna be and what great plans god had in store for us and after talking to some of the other people on the team, I wasnt the only one he was attacking. My plan was to journal a couple of days before the trip but I actually didnt get to start until the end if day 1.  So my plan here is to TRY and type as much of the trip as I can while I send out the thank you letters to you all with the http address so you can read this. Hopefully by the time you get your letters and log on here, itll be done......but probably not. Bear with me, im learning this thing here. I wont be able to put all of the pictures on here but if you go on facebook, they are on my profile. Or, email me and I will mail them to you. We will have a picture party soon so I will have well over 5000 pictures!! Ok it goes......

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